Shumack Street, Weetangera



This granny flat in Weetangera provides luxurious living at a pared back scale. It gives you all the amenities you need in half the space.

Homes by Howe, new build, Weetangera, bathroom
Homes by Howe, new build, Weetangera, kitchen
Homes by Howe, new build, Weetangera, fireplace

Breaking the stereotypes of what a Granny flat has to be, our build in Weetangera combines maximum functionality within a small footprint to create a space that is at once luxurious and refined.

The stone fireplace adds warmth and texture to the otherwise minimalist living space. A large kitchen island makes the most of the views out of the bi-fold doors and onto the patio. On warm days the doors can be flung open for maximum airflow. In cooler weather they let ample light in, heating the small space.