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Dunnart Circuit, Throsby






House size: 334m2

Alfresco size: 39m2

A light and spacious new build in Throsby that is perfect for Venkata and Nandini’s growing family and love of entertaining.

The couple knew that they wanted a five-bedroom house but needed guidance on how to make it fit their lifestyle, be personalised to their taste and be within their budget. Homes by Howe’s Design Consult package was the perfect process for them, working closely with Brendan to ensure that all design solutions were within the cost boundaries.

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“We found Brendan to be very hands on, he had a clear idea of what he was doing and was always present. Considering that at any one time, Homes by Howe are building numerous homes, it was quite amazing to see how much he knew about our specific build. This knowledge allowed Brendan to provide on-the-spot options and solutions to some of the questions or challenges we encountered.” – Venkata