Casey House, Casey





A spacious layout and floor-to-ceiling windows flood Casey House with natural light, creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere. The perfect suburban retreat.

Homes by Howe, new build, Casey, alfresco area looking back into open plan living area, outdoor chairs and table
Homes by Howe, new build, Casey, open plan living area, large white square tiling on floor, red sofa and white dining table, floor-to-ceiling windows open flush out onto patio
Homes by Howe, new build, Casey, kitchen, large island with talostone white benchtop and 3 pendant lights hanging above, dual oven in wall and low window above gas stove, wooden cladding

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the main living area open out onto a large alfresco area and allow for a seamless transition between inside and out. Casey House makes the most of the surrounding landscape, creating spaces for its inhabitants to enjoy the landscaped garden. With 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms it is the perfect place to put down roots.