A dream family home in Burra, NSW

Burra, NSW



As a professional photographer, Adam’s spent the last 15 years taking photos of other people’s houses. During that time he’s been building a mental list of their successes and failures ready to build his own dream home in the rural suburb of Burra, NSW.

When the time came to choose a builder for his family home with partner Netty and their two boys, Homes by Howe were recommended by an interior architect friend.

‘Homes by Howe put all our ideas together and produced a home that surprises and excites us every day. As the seasons change, we are discovering more beauty throughout our home. We felt like they were putting their heart into the build, not just turning up to do their job.’

‘Communication, connection and movement around the space were all considered in the design.’

‘Homes by Howe was honest with us right from the get-go and kept us on track explaining how certain decisions would affect the cost of the build and kept us on budget. But more importantly, they had ideas throughout the build that not only saved us money but gave us features we never would have thought of—and are now key aspects of the home.’