How to maximise space in your laundry

A well-designed laundry elevates the everyday, mundane tasks of washing and cleaning. It gives them intention and makes us aware of joy in the simplicity of the acts.

Homes by Howe, Canberra Builder, knock down rebuild, Weetangera, laundry, floor to ceiling cabinetry in yellow, tile flooring
Ample storage and maximum functionality in Homes by Howe’s Weetangera knock down rebuild.

The laundry is often one of the most underrated and undervalued parts of the home. It is also one of the parts we use the most. It’s a functional haven. It’s where we dump our wet clothes, throw the dirty kitchen tea towels and chuck the spaghetti stained t-shirts. A well-designed and considered laundry can offer a brief moment of reprieve from the fast pace of everyday life. A contemplative space to retreat to and examine the intention behind our actions.

A considered laundry should help us to incorporate intention into our surroundings whilst performing multiple functions and maximising space. Below are some ideas to help you achieve this in your own home.

Consider the primary use of the space

Firstly consider what the primary and alternate uses of the space will be. Washing is a given, but what else will the laundry be used for and where is it positioned in the house? Will people be coming through the laundry and dumping muddy sports gear? If this the case a large sink for soaking and chucking wet clothes in is a must. You may also want a small seating area and hooks to take off shoes and hang coats. 

Your lifestyle will dictate what are considered essentials in your laundry. Once you’ve identified what your needs for the space are will be easier to maximise it. A design consultation with the team at Homes by Howe can help you identify these and maximise your layout.

Homes by Howe, Canberra Builder, knock down rebuild, Downer, bench top with sink and laundry baskets in white

Appliance placement

Inbuilt washer and dryers, such as Miele’s Smart Laundry Appliances Range, can simultaneously maximise space and workbench area. They do this by placing the machines side by side. This allows for a seamless transition between washing machine and dryer. To further increase floor space, you may also consider stackable machines or Miele’s Combo Washer-Dryer.

Side-by-side appliances can maximise work bench area, you’ll want to make sure your countertop is made from high quality moisture resistant materials. Talostone’s White Mirrorlux, is one such option, it not only looks stunning, but its reflective surface will bounce light around the room giving the impression of a larger space.

If you are doing a renovation consider the location of existing plumbing. A quality builder will help you to consider this as part of providing a reliable and stress-free build process.

Homes by Howe, Canberra Builder, knock down rebuild, wooden cabinetry and machines
Homes by Howe, Canberra Builder, knock down rebuild, low bench with sink and machines underneath

Laundry basket placement

Laundry baskets are big bulky items that can take up lots of valuable floor space. In order to maximise space try get your baskets tucked away somewhere or high up out of the way.

Putting your laundry baskets overhead is a great way to get them off the floor and out of the way. Similarly having pull-out hampers will keep the lines of your laundry cabinetry clean. This gives the impression of more space whilst also keeping dirty washing out of sight.

Homes by Howe, Canberra Builder, knock down rebuild

Storage and cabinetry

Your storage set-up should help to prevent clutter build up and allow you to find essentials with ease. One way to maximise storage space is to have large cupboards that run from floor to ceiling like in Homes by Howe’s Weetangera knock down rebuild.

Alternatively, high and low cupboards with workspace in between will mean you can store infrequently used items up high. A cupboard below the sink is also a perfect place for storing cleaning products.

Ceiling mounted clothesline

For those delicate items that you are not able to put in the dryer and when the Canberra weather makes it impossible to dry clothes outside, having a ceiling mounted clothesline such as the Aussie Wash Six Lath Ceiling Airier is the perfect solution. Its adjustable pulley raise system means you can lower it to the perfect height to hang your washing, then pull it up to the ceiling out the way while the clothes are drying. A hanging rail like in Homes by Howe’s Weetangera build is also a great alternative.

Homes by Howe, Canberra Builder, floor ceiling cabinetry, bench top with machine underneath

Maximising the space and utility of your laundry room will make your life easier and enhance your enjoyment of simple everyday tasks. Contact Homes by Howe to book a walk through of our Chapman Display Home for inspiration or a design consultation to work out your needs.