How to choose the best builder in Canberra

A custom home is a dream come true for many people in the world. Which home builder should you choose? Find out how to choose the best builder in Canberra here.

The best new home builder in Canberra earns that distinction not just by delivering a quality product on time, but also by making the home building process a pleasant one. 

Building regulations in Australia require a building certifier’s approval of house plans and enforce an eco-friendly home that uses less water and energy. 

A qualified home builder in Canberra will take care to make sure they adhere to Australia’s building regulations to avoid trouble later. This is all part of the cost of building in Canberra. 

Which home builder should you choose when building your dream home? Keep reading to learn how to choose the best builder in Canberra.

1. They’ve been in Business a While 

As with any property-related dealings, you want someone with a lot of experience. Buying or building a house is one of your biggest investments.

You want to make sure you choose a home construction company that has been in business long enough to have a track record and an impressive portfolio

2. Interview Potential Companies 

Do some research and narrow it down to a few companies. Sit down with each of them and ask questions important to the process. Some questions you might ask include: 

What type of home warranty do you offer? 
How many homes have you built? 
Who will oversee the project? 
How close to the original estimate will the final cost be? 
How long will it take to complete the home? 

Successful Canberra builders will be able to answer all of your questions with expertise. 

3. Look at Their Projects 

Take a look at a Canberra builder’s completed homes. Ask for references from past clients. If possible, talk to them and ask for their honest assessment of the process and their satisfaction with the home. 

Whether you’re looking to do a knock down rebuild, build a new house in Canberra, a Canberra renovation, or Canberra extension, a master builder will have a portfolio of projects. 

4. Work With You Directly 

Does the builder work directly with the future homeowner? Are you able to ask questions about specifics and get answers straight from the builder? 

You want to make sure that the builder is accessible and available to you throughout the process. 

5. Use Top Notch Tradespeople 

The small details in home building are really some of the most important parts of the finished project. You want to make sure your electric, HVAC, and roof are in the hands of skilled tradespeople. 

As far as aesthetics, you want the finishing touches to reflect quality craftsmanship. 

6. Quality Building Materials 

Find out what building materials they use and the manufacturers so you can do your own research. If the materials are low quality, things will break down sooner than they should and end up needing repair. 

Best Builder in Canberra

Now that you know what to look for when searching for the best builder in Canberra, your search will swiftly lead you to the company that does it all. 

At Homes by Howe, we do our best work by using precision on-site and behind the scenes. From getting development approval, selecting materials, to making the best architectural decisions for your site, we deliver! 

When you’re ready to build your custom house, a knockdown rebuild, or a renovation or extension, contact us to get the process started.