Visit Display Home

Whether you’ve already got plans drawn up, or just starting the design process, our display home in Chapman is the perfect place to find inspiration.

A taste of what to expect

Clever design

Functionally designed and distinguished. At Homes by Howe we pride ourselves on creating enduring and responsive family homes that grow alongside those within them.

Premium finishes

Expressive minimalism throughout the display home brings attention to the craftsmanship that is the main feature. The master suite showcases that our work is grounded in a passion for what we do.

Spaces for all occasions

There’s something about outdoor living that resonates with us all. Australian homes are seen as the benchmark in indoor/outdoor living. It’s something we know a thing or two about.

Book a walkthrough

Due to COVID-19 and the Canberra lockdown, we are currently doing virtual walkthroughs and consultations.